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Welcome to High Class Rottweilers

For over 20 years, Vom HochKlasse has built a quality reputation for breeding high
quality Rottweilers. Best known for their huge square heads with wide and short

Vom HochKlasse carefully selects and breeds only the best Rottweiler studs around
the world to be mated with our breeding females that were selected at home by
both their character and beauty. All of our Rottweilers are several generations free
of dysplasia and other genetic defects.

When we decided to raise Rottweilers back in 1991 we were committed on raising
quality and only using the best of the best of the breed. The outcome of this is to get
excellent quality pups for either breeding, show, work, or just a high quality pet.

We only have a couple of litters every year so reservations are highly

Feel free to contact us for current or future planned litters.



Faustino Rodriguez
Show | Work |Breeding | Pet
AKC Licensed Kennel
Tango Vom HochKlase III
Vp1 & VP2 Rated  at 2015 RKNA & SCRC Breed Show, ZTP & SE
Norco California,
Judges Paul Dieter Viehoff (ADRK) Yvonne Bekkers (FCI)
Following The AKC Standard we Dock Tails on all our German Rottweiler Puppies

"Natural Tails Under Customer Request Only"
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